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Instructions for Children after Tooth Extractions

  1. Healing: Do not disturb the area of the extraction by touching with fingers, tongue, toothpicks, or other objects as irritation, bleeding or infection could result. The blood clot that forms is a natural and vital part of the healing process and should not be disturbed.
  2. Bleeding: Some bleeding is to be expected. The child will be biting on a rolled gauze pad placed over the area. It is important that this pad be held in place with biting pressure for about 30 minutes. Therefore, do not remove the gauze pad until the initial 30 minute period is over. If bleeding persists after this time, you have been given additional gauze that may be used for 15 minutes at a time.
  3. Things to Avoid:
    • Heat – No heat packs, hot foods, or hot beverages
    • Rinsing – Avoid vigorous rinsing for 24 hours
    • Sucking – No soda straws, thumbs, fingers, pacifiers or bottles
    • Hard Play – Energetic activity may cause bleeding. Give the child quiet activities rather than running and jumping.
  4. Diet: No food or drink until at least 2 hours after bleeding has completely stopped. Please make sure the child does not bite their lip or tongue. Provide a soft diet today. Avoid raw hard foods for the next several days.
  5. Pain: Use any prescribed or recommended medications following directions exactly. Some soreness in the area of the extraction can be expected. In general, Children’s Tylenol or a similar over-the-counter pain medication is recommended for minor aches. Do not give your child aspirin.
  6. Swelling: To help prevent or relieve swelling, a cold pack may be held on the face over the affected area. Most children’s extractions do not require a cold pack. Cold should only be used on the day of the extraction. Apply the cold pack for 15 minutes on the affected area then 15 minutes off for up to 6 hours. Some stiffness of the jaws can be expected.

If post-operative problems arise or you have questions, please call the office immediately at 913-782-2207.