Hospital Dentistry

4.jpgDr. Fales provides dental services at SurgiCenter of Johnson County and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Our highly trained and capable staff is very successful at creating an environment that is comfortable and relaxing for your child in our office which allows Dr. Fales the opportunity to perform most treatment plans in our office. In the event that a child would be better suited to have treatment in a hospital setting, Dr. Fales will explain the option of out-patient hospital dentistry.

Same-day surgery is performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. In this type of setting, Dr. Fales is able to help young children receive dental treatment who otherwise may not receive it. Often patients that require hospital dentistry are the child with extensive dental care needs, including infants and the mentally and physically handicapped.

For more information, please download, print and read our Same-Day Surgery Pediatric Dentistry Policies and Procedures sheet.

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