Practice Activities

Mission of Mercy 

The Kansas Mission of Mercy is the premier event sponsored by the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation. The first Kansas Mission of Mercy was held in Garden City, Kansas in 2003 and was modeled closely after the existing programs in Virginia and Texas. The idea and focus of KMOM is simple: to create a dental clinic in a large public space and then treat as many children and adults as possible, free of charge.

Fales Pediatric Dentistry has been involved in every KMOM since it started in 2003. All our team members are thrilled to be able to participate in such a worthwhile effort for children living in Kansas. We are looking forward to the next KMOM in Manhattan, Kansas, in January, 2017.

Another opportunity for Dr. Fales to volunteer his services is through the America's Dentists Care Foundation. Dr. Fales is currently serving as President of the Board of Directors of this organization and he and his team have traveled to 13 different states to assist in those states’ Mission of Mercy projects. This year, the FPD team has traveled to Topeka, KS, and Minnesota for MOM projects. Upcoming MOM trips are planned to Missouri and Louisiana. The entire team is looking forward to other opportunities to travel to other parts of the country to help children in need.

For more information or photos of past events, please click on the links listed below:

Kansas City, Kansas KMOM 2003
Pittsburg, Kansas KMOM 2004
Salina, Kansas KMOM 2005
Wichita, Kansas KMOM 2006
Topeka, Kansas KMOM 2007
Garden City, Kansas KMOM 2008
Loveland, Colorado COMOM 2008
Manhattan, Kansas KMOM 2009
Independence, Kansas KMOM 2010
Albuquerque, New Mexico NMMOM 2011

Hutchinson, Kansas KMOM 2011
Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, North Dakota NDMOM 2011
Kansas City, Kansas KMOM 2012
Madison, Wisconsin
WMOM 2012
Mankato, Minnesota MNMOM 2012
Phoenix, Arizona AZMOM 2012
Wichita, Kansas KMOM 2013
Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota NDMOM 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana LMOM 2013
Dodge City, Kansas
KMOM 2014
Green Bay, Wisconsin WMOM 2014
Mankato, Minnesota
MNMOM 2014
Salina, Kansas KMOM 2015
Duluth, Minnesota MMOM 2015
Fairbanks, Alaska AKMOM 2015
Salisbury, Maryland SMMOM 2015
Washington DC ADAMOM 2015
Topeka, Kansas KMOM 2016
Moorhead, Minnesota MNMOM 2016
Independence, Missouri ​ MOMOM 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana ​ LAMOM2016
Manhattan, Kansas ​KMOM 2017

We are proud to support and be involved with:

  • FPD Community Giving Program
  • Toys for Tots
  • Food Drive for Harvesters
  • Shadow Buddies Foundation
  • Give Kids A Smile
  • Wayside Waifs
  • Bark for Life
  • TeamSmile
  • Metro Lutheran Ministry
  • Mother's Hands